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BeginningsA Modern Oratorio inspired by the Shared Creation Stories of the Middle East

A Musical Collaboration: Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, Abraham Sussman & Friends

This CD is a musical expression of the shared creation stories of the Bibles (Hebrew and Christian) and the Quran. Join us for a musical journey imagining the caravan of human experience, reaching back before you to the beginning, to the source of all that is. The music serves as a wonderful meditation on Creation, to be listened to as a whole. It includes all of the melodies from Saadi’s Genesis Meditations cycle, and is useful to learn and integrate these dances.

Track listings:
Overture * The Story Begins (Bereshith bara elohim) (Genesis 1:1)
The Unformed Seed of Existence (wa ha’aretz hayta) (Genesis 1:2)
The Great Dark Rolls In (wa choshech) (Genesis 1:2)
Breath and Darkness Make Love (wa ruach elohim) (Genesis 1:2)
Light Is! (wa iyyomer elohim) (Genesis 1:3) * Celebration of the Light (wa yi’ra elohim) (Genesis 1:4)
Part II: Holy Wisdom’s Story * Wisdom and Life Energy Embrace (Ya qanani re’shith) (Proverbs 8:22: )
Wisdom Pours Herself Out (Me’olam nissakhti) (Proverbs 8:23:)
The Birth Dance of Holy Wisdom (Be’en tehomot) (Proverbs 8:24)
Part III: The Human Experiment * The First Remembrance (Alastu bi-rabbikum) (Quran Sura 7:172 )
In the Divine Image (Nahaseh adam ) (Genesis 1:26)
Reigning with All Creation (Pherow wa rebou) (Genesis 1:26)
Part IV: Returning * The Seventh Day (Wa isheboth) (Genesis 2:2)
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